Electro Homoeopathy is Governed by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India


Sir Count Mattei Electro Homoeopathic council of India was established under the Punjab Development of Electro Homoeopathy System of Medicine Punjab as per term of order No. R.14015/25/96-u&H(R) (PL.) dated 25th Nov.2003 issued by Government of India ministry of Health & family welfare. To protect and safe guard the interest of the Electro Homoeopathic Practitioners as well as its institutions.

The object of Sir Count Mattei Electro Homoeopathic Council of India are as under:-

To give protection to Electro Homoeopathic Practitioners for Practicing in Electro Homoeopathic System of Treatment.

To approach Government authorities for seeking recognition of Electro Homoeopathy and equal rights, privileges and facilities to Electro Homoeopathy.

  Provide instruction teaching and practical training in medical education and to make provision for research advancement and dissemination of knowledge in the field of such system of one medicine.

 To enlist the electrohomeopathic medical practitioners in all over India. To arrange establish and manages the medical lab, library, reading room, charitable dispensaries maternity homes,

To create higher level intellectual ability in the field of electrohomeopathic medical science.

 To carry out research in electrohomoeopathic system of medicine and to off her continuing education program to establish campus in surrounding of and have its institute for the purpose of study in electrohomeopathic medical science at different place in India and other countries distribute certificate and diploma's and degrees or other methods of evaluation

 To establish state of the art facility for medical education and practicing in field of such system.

Director's Message

" In India Electro Homeopathy stepped in the beginning of 20th century and now its age of honour and service in India is more than 100 years. It is well tought and practiced in India. other than India many countries like Pakistan, Sweden, Bangladesh, Norway, United Kingdom, Nepal etc accepted this unique system of treatment. I am glad to inform you that Electro Homeopathy is governed by the Ministry of health and family welfare, Govt. of India. The bill entitled “The recognition of new system of medicine bill 2014” is under active consideration of department of health research and likely to be introduced in winter session of parliament.

We could hope the day is not away when this unique system of treatment will bring happiness in the face of sufferes around the world.

To spread this unique medical Science & to Serve Humanity Lets come and be a part of this unique medical Science"

Dr. Kuldip Singh
(Moga Punjab)